What Happened When A Beach Goer Picked Up This Strange Worm Is Straight-Up Horror

Simply whenever you suppose you”ve seen each creepy ocean-dweller on the planet, one thing new and horrifying comes alongside that makes you by no means wish to swim within the ocean once more. This time it”s a stunning little toxic sea creature referred to as a ribbon worm.

Within the ocean, these worms might be greater than 100 ft lengthy. They usually hunt small prey, and their most well-liked searching technique is spraying their victims with mucus laced with highly effective neurotoxins. Coincidentally, that”s precisely what one ribbon worm tried to do to this YouTuber who got here throughout it washed up on the seaside.

(by way of: Science Alert)

At this level, you may be questioning why somebody would let themselves be attacked by a toxic sea worm. Fortunately for the particular person within the video above, the neurotoxin, whereas efficient in opposition to the worm”s most well-liked prey, has no impact on people.

It”s nonetheless a valiant effort, proper?



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